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Which among the below assertions is precise in accordance to the effect of time scaling?

A : Inverse relationship exists between the time and frequency domain representation of signal
B : A signal must be necessarily limited in time as well as frequency domains

A. A is true & B is false

B. A is false & B is true

C. Both A & B are true

D. Both A & B are false

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Damped sinusoids are _____

A. sinusoid signals multiplied by growing exponentials

B. sinusoid signals divided by growing exponentials

C. sinusoid signals multiplied by decaying exponentials

D. sinusoid signals divided by decaying exponentials

A system is said to be shift invariant only if______

A. a shift in the input signal also results in the corresponding shift in the output

B. a shift in the input signal does not exhibit the corresponding shift in the output

C. a shifting level does not vary in an input as well as output

D. a shifting at input does not affect the output