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What would happen if the two events are statistically independent?

A. Conditional probability becomes less than the elementary probability

B. Conditional probability becomes more than the elementary probability

C. Conditional probability becomes equal to the elementary probability

D. Conditional as well as elementary probabilities will exhibit no change

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Damped sinusoids are _____

A. sinusoid signals multiplied by growing exponentials

B. sinusoid signals divided by growing exponentials

C. sinusoid signals multiplied by decaying exponentials

D. sinusoid signals divided by decaying exponentials

A system is said to be shift invariant only if______

A. a shift in the input signal also results in the corresponding shift in the output

B. a shift in the input signal does not exhibit the corresponding shift in the output

C. a shifting level does not vary in an input as well as output

D. a shifting at input does not affect the output