Ramesh sold a statue for a price 25% higher than the original price of the statue. He had however bought the statue at 20% discount on the original price. With the profit of Rs. 2025, find the original price of the statue.

Price of each article of type P, Q, and R is Rs. 300, Rs. 180 and Rs. 120 respectively. Suresh buys articles of each type in the ratio 3:2:3 in Rs. 6480. How many articles of type Q did he purchase?

A, B and C invested Rs. 10,000, Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively to start a resort. P sees the growth of their business and then joins them after 8 months with Rs. 6,000. They earn a profit of Rs. 1560 at the end of the year. What would be difference of shares of profit of C and P?

A group wanted to renovate their club. Each member contributed an amount equal to twice the number of members in the club. But the government contributed same amount as the number of members. If each member had contributed the same amount as the number of members and the government had given an amount twice the number of members, then they would have Rs. 210 less. How many members are there?

In a country 55% population is female. 80% of the male population is literate. How much of females are literate if total literacy is 58%?

A bus is going to Goa from Pune. With 4 stops of 15 minute each, the average speed of the bus comes out to be 45 m/hr. But if the driver takes the bus without any stops, the average peed comes out to be 50 km/hr. How far is Goa from Pune?

Ajay and Raj together have Rs. 1050. On taking Rs. 150 from Ajay, Ajay will have same amount as what Raj had earlier. Find the ratio of amounts with Ajay and Raj initially.

A cistern can be filled in 6 hours by taps P and Q. If tap R also joins them, then cistern is filled in 5 hours. Tap P can fill the cistern at twice the rate of tap Q. In what time tap Q and R fill the cistern?

How many minimum number of square tiles are needed to cover a rectangular floor of dimension 5.25m and 5.10m completely?

A vase has a marked price of Rs. 560. Simran pays Rs. 336 for it because she got 2 successive discounts, one of 20% and other of _____