1.86 × 5 power of 10 is equivalent to

How many of the numbers between 100 and 300 begin or end with 2?

If 15 cans of food are needed for seven adults for two days, the number of cans needed to feed four adults for seven days is

If the average (arithmetic mean) of a series of numbers is 20 and their sum is 160, how many numbers are in the series?

If the result of squaring a number is less than the number, the number is

In order to raise money for a class trip, Claudia sells ice cream bars at a high school basketball game. Her profit function is P(X) =$1.25x - $12, where x represents the number of ice cream bars sold. How many ice cream bars would she need to sell in order to raise $78 for the trip?

If the base of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the altitude is decreased by 20% the area is increased by

0.03% × 0.21 =

In how many different ways can 6 books be arranged on a shelf if one of the books, book X, has to be first?

Which of the following is a solution of the equation 3|x| + 5 = 23?

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