___________, Schedule of Police Order, 2002 deals with certificate of appointment ?

Second Schedule of Police Order 2002 deals with___________________?

As per first Schedule of the Police Order, 2002 Inspector falls under________________?

Article __________ to _________ to the Police Order, 2002 deals with National Police Management Board?

Whoever, being a Police Officer without lawful authority or reasonable cause enters or searches or causes to be entered or searched any building, vessel, tent or place shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to_______________?

Any person who files a complaint against the police which on enquiry by the (Federal) Police Complaints Authority is held frivolous or vexatious shall be punished on conviction with imprisonment for __________ or with fine which may extend to _________________?

Willful or negligent conduct in respect of dogs is dealt by Article ___________, of the Police Order, 2002?

Article 126, of the Police Order, 2002 deals with employment of________________?

Article 123 of the Police Order 2002 empowers any police officer not below the rank of ___________ to give direction against serious disorder at place of amusement?

No Police Officer shall engage in any private employment while he is a member of the police establishment as provided by Article _________, of the Police Order 2002?