A power supply has a voltage regulation of 1%. If the no-load voltage is 20 V, what is the full-load voltage ?

In a regulated power supply, two similar 15 V zeners are connected in series. The input voltage is 45 V d.c. If each Zener has a maximum current rating of 300 mA, what should be the value of the series resistance ?

When load current is zero, the Zener current will be_____________?

A power supply can deliver a maximum rated current of 0.5 A at full-load output voltage of 20 V. What is the minimum load resistance that you can connect across the supply?

A Zener regulator _____________ in the power supply?

The Zener current will be minimum when_____________?

Two similar 15 V Zeners are connected in series. What is the regulated output voltage ?

If the input a.c. voltage to regulated or ordinary power supply increases by 5% what will be the approximate change in d.c. output voltage?

The load voltage is approximately constant when a Zener diode is ________________?

If the load current drawn by unregulated power supply increases, the d.c. output voltage _____________?

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