In food demand growth equation D = Φ + a E, a is the income elasticity of demand for food E is the per capita income growth and Φ is ?

A set of alternative commodity bundles that a person can command in a society using the totality of rights and opportunities that he possesses is known as ?

Which of the following NOT a cause of food insecurity, according to Nic Maunder, a specialist on Ethiopia ?

Which of the following is not among the most advanced global food chain cluster with headquarters in the US ?

Which of the following statement about rural and agricultural development is true ?

Which of the following is not a consequence of growing agricultural commercialization ?

Most of Latin America has been characterized by ______ large land-grand estates owned by the few and ________ small poor holdings that rarely provide adequate employment for a family ?

Which of the following is a form of urban bais ?
I- Government may set price floors on food and price ceilings for industrial goods
II- Tax incentive and subsidies to infant industry
III- Tariff and quota protection for industry
IV- Spending more for education training housing, health and transport in urban areas than in rural areas.

Amartya K. Sen emphasizes that having enough to eat depends on ?

Which of the following colonial policy contribute further to today’s agricultural underdevelopment in Africa ?
I. Colonial governments compelled farmers to grow selected crops
II. Colonialism often changed traditional land tenure systems from individual control to communal
III. Colonialists failed to train African agricultural scientists and managers
IV. Research and development concentrated on food production and small farmers and herders.

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