A state planning ideology arose in LDCs as a reaction to nationalist perceptions of ?

Which of the following assumptions underlying input-output analysis raises about its validity ?
I- The technical coefficients are fixed which means so substitution between inputs occurs
II- There are no externalities so that the total effect of carrying out several activities is the sum of the separate effects
III- Each good is produced by only one industry and each industry produces only one commodity
IV- There is no technical change

Branko Horvat’s historical review of the last two and one-half century indicates that in large part market or decentralized socialism ?

Polish economist Oskar Lange’s model of decentralized ______ combined the advantages of market allocation with more uniform income distribution by dividing the returns from social ownership of nonhuman productive resources among the whole population ?

Most mixed or capitalist developing countries are limited to an indicative plan, which indicates expectations, aspirations, and intentions ?

Worker-managed socialism helped contribute to ________ ‘s rapid economic growth from 1959 to 1979?

The input-output table, when divided vertically shows ?

The market efficiently allocates scarce resource among alternative ends such that ?
I- consumers receive goods for which they are willing to pay
II- Production resources hire out to maximize income)
III- the market determines available labor and capital
IV- the market distributes income among rich individuals

Takatoshi Ito (1992) contends that parliamentary governments manipulate the timing of _____ while presidential governments manipulate the timing of _____?

Planning in many LDCs has failed because detailed programs for the public sector have not been worked out and ?

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