(121x4+3) / (1÷10) ≠?

45 / 12+45 / 12+45 / 12 =

If the sum of five different prime numbers is an even number what is the smallest of the five?

If the division of 2 consecutive odd integers gives 0.71 as the result what is the greater of the two?

If an integer R leaves a remainder 5 when it is divided by 8 all are true except.

If y and z are integers and the sum of yz and z is odd which of the following is true?
(I) y and z are even
(II) y is odd and z is even
(III) y is even and z is odd

In a party each member invited takes a number to be served. If the first member took the number 32 and the last member took number 520. How many members were there that day?

What is the smallest integer greater than 1 that 1 that leaves a remainder 1 when divided by any of the integers 5 7 8

How many three-digit integers can be divided by 4 toproduce a new integer with the same tens digit and units digit as the original integer.

On a number line point T is at a distance of 4 units from point U and point V is at a distance of 6 units from point U. What is the distance from point T to V?