In a first order reaction, the time required to reduce the concentration of reactant from 1 mole/litre to 0.5 mole/litre will be ______________ that required to reduce it from 10 moles/litre to 5 moles/litre in the same volume ?

The first order series reaction as shown in the bellow figure is conducted in a batch reactor. The initial concentrations of A, B and C (CA0, CB0, CC0 respectively) are all non-zero. The variation of CB with reaction time will not show a maximum, if___________________?

Participation of _______________ is involved in the occurrence of a chemical reaction?

A photochemical reaction is _______________ light?

The value of ‘n’ for a chemical reaction A → B, whose reaction rate is → CA n, will be _______________ if the rate of the reaction increases by a factor of 8, when the concentration of is doubled?

________________ resistance is not involved in the combustion of a carbon particle?

A first order reaction is to be treated in a series of two mixed reactors. The total volume of the two reactors is minimum, when the reactors are_____________________?

An example of autothermal reactor operation is______________________?

Brunauer, Emmet and Teller (BET) equation is used to determine the specific surface area of a porous particle but not the pore volume & the porosity of the catalyst bed. Which of the following postulates is not used to derive BET equation ?

Volume change for unimolecular type first order reaction as shown in the bellow figure, increases _____________ with time?